RODOVID fundraising


Maria Prymachenko. Ukrainian mermaid, 1950s

Anyone who wants to support RODOVID in this difficult time of survival, please buy paper or e-books on our website  All funds will go to support art projects and those who create them. If we can not send them now, we will later - soon as possible. If you want to send donations without site, our PayPal accounts are or


Dear friends, our readers, fans in Ukraine and abroad, all those who created RODOVID art books, who supported them and are buying them now! During these war months, we closed our office in Kyiv, but we remain on the artistic front. Like each of us, we are doing what we can now.

Russia's aggressive invasion caught up with us at a time when the Ukrainian-language book by Andrei Kurkov and Nikita Kravtsov, The War of the Mushroom, was conceived in print, conceived as a homage to Heorhii Narbut. Two months earlier, we printed a French version of it, and now we are preparing an English version, as an exhibition of illustrations by Nikita Kravtsov opens on April, 3 at the Ukrainian Museum in New York.

We are also working on other projects, such as the Ukrainian version of the book Mayhill Fowler Beau Monde on Empire's Edge: State and Stage in Council of Ukraine (Toronto, 2017), (together with the Center for Urban History, Lviv, translated by Iaroslava Strikha). We do not stop negotiations on the translation into Ukrainian of another American author – on research and methods of conservation of medieval color sculpture – such information and such research does not seem to have existed in Ukraine. A manuscript by Vira Zaichenko about the Chernihiv hapty /old embroideries (collection of the Tarnovsky Chernihiv Historical Museum, which is now in the liberation struggle, like the whole heroic Chernihiv) is waiting for its time. Other ideas and projects are waiting for their turn. We believe that this time will come shortly with the victory of Ukraine!

Meanwhile, our authors, designers, editors, RODOVOD employees, partners must survive under bombs or on the way to safer cities in Ukraine and abroad. Escape and work as hard as you can in exile. I am infinitely grateful to them for these efforts!


Lidia Lykhach

founder and director of RODOVID Press

Kyiv, Ukraine