Ukrainian Naїve

UKRAINIAN NAÏVE is a very special exhibition and publishing project for Rodovid Press. Just like the early-20th century avant-gardists, we are enthusiastic about naïve art and have given it special attention ever since Rodovid Press was founded, but especially in the last 5–8 years. We’ve published a series of studies, catalogs, and albums on some of these nonprofessional virtuosos, and also put on a few exhibitions. We’ve even got a separate website for this project: (and we suspect that our IT guy’s got a secret soft spot for naïve art that helped get that address!). Now we’re putting the finishing touches on a massive project on naïve-instinctive-amateur art. We are proud of it and can’t wait for the world to be shocked when they finally see it. The format of the project will soon be announced, but for now we invite you to take a look at our earlier projects.

More and more partners are signing on to this project out, and we’re grateful for all of them, especially The Ivan Honchar Museum and director Petro Honchar, the Sophia of Kyiv National Sanctuary, Mystetskyi Arsenal, and many others.