Valeriy Sakharuk

Valeriy Sakharuk

Co-author of Cossack Mamai (Rodovid Press, 2008)

Art historian, curator. Junior research fellow at the Institute of Issues of Contemporary Art at the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine (Kyiv), chair of the Department of Cultural Strategies, Initiatives, and Technology

Other publications include:

• Editor. The Village. Centuries of Art Inspiration. Kyiv: ADEF Ukraïna, 2015.

• Anatoliy Sumar: A Catalog of Works. Comp. Valerii Sakharuk. Kyiv: ADEF Ukraïna, 2014.

• “The Artist and His Model: The European Tradition in the Work of Anatolii Sumar.” Suchasne mystetstvo 10 (2014).

• Kyiv’s Art Encounter: New Art from Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. Kyiv: Ukraïns'kyi dim, Alipii, 1995.

• Artistic Impressions: Painting, Graphic, Sculpture, Installations: An Exhibition Catalog. Ed. I. Bliumina. Kyiv: Ukraïns'kyi dim, Alipii, 1994.