Silver Tableware of the 17th – Early 20th Centuries

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About the book

For the first time in Ukraine, this catalog presents the largest collection (282 pieces) of silver tableware from the 17th to 20th centuries. The collection, which is housed at the V. V. Tarnovsky Chernihiv History Museum, includes works of Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, Polish, Lithuanian, German, and Austrian silversmithing. This fine silver tableware is from the era of the Hetmanate—these were not simply day-to-day objects for the Cossack elite, but a form of capital accumulation. The pieces shown here are accompanied by descriptions of their production that include their year, silversmith, materials, origins, and stamps used.

  • Cover: Paperback
  • Language: Ukrainian, English
  • Number of pages: 176
  • Parameters: 217 х 279 х 12 mm
  • Year: 2006
  • Category: Exhibition catalogue
  • ISBN: 966-7845-25-7
About the authors

Hanna Arendar