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About the book

Embroidery of Eastern Podillia (from the Pocket Series of Ukrainian Embroidery) presents research dedicated to the age-old embroidery ornamentation of Eastern Podillia. In addition to symbols and images, the essay covers the geographic range and structure of the most typical ornaments for Podillian ritual cloths. The book contains a large number of detailed illustrations of embroidered cloths from the early and mid-20th century, and it should interest anyone who studies ethnography, design, or the textile arts.

  • Cover: Hardback
  • Language: Ukrainian
  • Number of pages: 108
  • Parameters: 165 х 155 х 11 mm
  • Year: 2009
  • Category: monograph
  • ISBN series: 978-966-7845-62-9
  • Series title: Ukrainian embroidery mini series
  • ISBN: 978-966-7845-63-6
About the authors

Yevhen Prychepiy

Tetiana Prychepiy