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About the book

A big book about a small village in the Vinnytsia region, it presents the history of the village of Karabelivka from the 18th century until today in photographs, newspaper articles and the reminiscences of locals, in legends, folklore, and even recipes. Not only does this publication tell the stories of famous Karabelivkites (such as Mother Jadwiga Józefa Kulesza, the founder of the Order of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters), but it also relates the stories of those known only to their fellow villagers. Hennadii Romanenko, himself a Karabelivkite, came up with the idea for the publication

  • Cover: Hardback
  • Language: Ukrainian
  • Number of pages: 466
  • Parameters: 230 х 280 х 35 mm
  • Year: 2015
  • Category: monograph of the village
  • ISBN: 978-966-7845-76-6
About the authors

Hennadiy Romanenko