Max Vityk. Hallucinations

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About the book

Hallucinations is united by the motive of place. This book is a collection that consists of several series created by Max Vityk in various studios, in three countries - Ukraine, the Netherlands and Egypt. The question that arises in relation to these geographic and cultural severances: do surroundings, distance and context influence te artist's work? Especially when the artists's mystical space is his studio, and not the owing time and space beyond its bounds. How are paintings transformed by changes in the place of work? How do these places inject themselves in the narrative and impose their own horizons of history? What becomes definitive in this or another place? Or do distinctly Ukrainian, Dutch or, for example, Egyptian subjects exist?

In order to examine the series included in this book - Hallucinations in Zasupoyivka, Duindigt and Cairo Dreams - we're led to remove a layer of an alredy written text and walk through those meaningful territories, but at a deeper level. We will explore the author's motive to decline discussing his own work and analyze the two means of creation (spontaneous and calculated).

Boris Filonenko

  • Cover: Hardback
  • Language: English
  • Number of pages: 120
  • Parameters: 240 х 340 х 15 mm
  • Year: 2019
  • Category: Album
  • ISBN: 978-617-7482-30-6