William Noll

William Noll

Author of “The Transformation of Civil Society: An Oral History of Ukrainian Peasant Culture, 1920s to 1930s.”

1986 – Ph.D. in ethnomusicology, University of Washington, Seattle. Dissertation: Peasant Music Ensembles in Poland: A Culture History.

Selected Publications:
1984 – “Regional Peasant Music and Changes in Nineteenth Century Village Performance Practices in Poland.” Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology 1:71-85.

1989 – “Music Context in the Culture History of Rural Poland.” East European Quarterly 23(1):1-16.

1991 – “Stari sil’s’ki muzykanty na Ukraini” [Elderly Village Musicians in Ukraine”]. Rodovid 1:37-41.

1991 – “Music Institutions and National Consciousness Among Polish and Ukrainian Peasants.” In Stephen Blum et al, eds. Ethnomusicology and Modern Music History. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 139-158.

1991 – “Economics of Music Patronage Among Polish and Ukrainian Peasants to 1939.” Ethnomusicology 35(3):349-379.

1993 – “Paralel’na kultura v Ukraini v period stalinizmu” [“The Parallel Culture in Ukraine in the Stalinist Period”]. Rodovid 5:37-41.

1993 – “The Social Role and Economic Status of Blind Peasant Minstrels in Ukraine.” Harvard Ukrainian Studies 17(1/2):45-71.

1994 – “Cultural Contact Though Music Institutions in Ukrainian Lands, 1920-1948.” In Margaret Kartomi and Stephen Blum, eds. Musical Cultures in Contact: Convergences and Collisions, (Australian Studiesin the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Music,
2). Sydney: Currency Press, 204-219. William Noll c.v. p. 6

1994 – “The Role of Szlachta and Peasant in the Development of Regional Village Music Practices,” Heart of the Nation: Polish Literature and Culture (Volume III of the proceedings from the Fiftieth Anniversary International Congress of the Polish Institute of Arts and Science of America). New York: East European Monographs Series and Columbia University Press.

1995 – “Cylinders Kyiv: Folklife Center Restores Ukrainian Minstrelsy.” Library of Congress Information Bulletin 54/4:78-79.

1997 – “Selecting Partners: Questions of Personal Choice and Problems of History in Fieldwork and Its Interpretation.” In Tim Cooley and Gregory Barz, eds. Shadows in the Field. New Perspectives for Fieldwork in Ethnomusicology. Oxford University Press, 163-187.

1999 – Transformatsia hromadians’koho suspil’stva. Usna istoria ukrains’koi selians’koi kul’tury 1920-30 rokiv. [“Transformation of Civil Society. An Oral History of Ukrainian Peasant Culture of the 1920-1930s]. In Ukrainian. Kyiv: Center for the Study of Oral History and Culture. 559 pp.

2000 – “Ukraine;” an article in The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, vol. 8. Europe. Timothy Rice, ed. New York: Garland Publications, pp. 806-825.

2023 – The Transformation of Civil Society: An Oral History of Ukrainian Peasant Culture, 1920s to 1930s. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 960 pages

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